Tips for Cleaning Services

Tipping for cleaning service is something that really does not have a true-blue system or percentage, opposed to food service. In the cleaning industry you see all kinds of tipping for our staff, in the 22 years of being in this industry I have seen everything from giving the team an apple or bottled water to monetary bills or gift cards. I can say, if you build a great relationship with your staff and compensate them well and treat them with respect and care, they truly appreciate anything left for them at the home.

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We try to make it easy by giving our clients a tipping link in the feedback email or they can leave cash at the home, but our staff has come to me with many different items a client has left for them. Everything is appreciated, so if you feel your team has gone above and beyond, feel free to express your gratitude in any manner that feels appropriate to you, you have already entrusted us with cleaning your home, thanks.

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